I am the youngest in my family. Youngest of 3. To add to it, my sisters are over 10 years older to me. So, that practically makes them my mothers.
Top it up, I am the youngest, both sides of my family put together. Kids born couple years after me belong…

More often than not, we find our people through sheer chance.

We ‘click’ and we ‘stick’ together.

Sat next to each other on first day of school.

Parents bought neighboring homes. Grew up together.

Assigned roommates in hostel.

Friend of a friend.

Ended up in the same city.

Ended up…

When did you last feel at peace?

Can you remember why that was?

Was that after a long day at work, when things finally got over? Or was it after a great laugh with friends? …

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you were to die today?
What would your friends, family feel?
How easily would all your issues go away?
It would be a wonderful escape, wouldn’t it?

All this stuff, that you have been worrying about, would go away.


My 5-year old nephew cried for a full 15 minutes today, because I ate all his grapes.

Do you remember the time when life used to be that simple?

I have been an “adult” for a better part of the decade now, meaning I now know more than what I…

Growing up, I was a smart kid (or so others thought; I always had my doubts). There was constant validation from all around. Teachers, family, even friends. Never even had to ask for it. It would simply flow in. In the form of marks, compliments, awards. Life was good.


My 5-year old nephew does not speak Maithili.

Both his parents do.

It’s not his fault. He is being raised in Pune, a city as far from Bihar geographically as it is culturally. The environment is simply not conducive for a conversation in the language.

He does, however, speak to…

Never understood the question. Never knew how to answer it. Nobody ever spoke about even finding a passion, let alone pursue one.

I did stumble upon a few things though, that made me happy. That I did on occasion. But I was told they were “hobbies”.

Yet, here it was…

To Be Understood

Have you ever felt like nobody could understand you? You could tell them exactly what was going through your mind, and the words would simply elude them.

Maybe it’s not their fault. Human mind fails to contemplate what it cannot imagine. And it fails to imagine what…

This pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has taught a lot of us a lot of things, but some of us a tad bit more.

Some of us, who had to go through these times all by ourselves, came out learning a very special thing- it’s not difficult to live alone…

Shipra Chandra

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