When did you last feel at peace?

Can you remember why that was?

Was that after a long day at work, when things finally got over? Or was it after a great laugh with friends?
Was it after stealing a glimpse of your spouse at work, or just watching your kid do random stuff?

Do you remember it?

Can you close your eyes and recreate it?

Now imagine how it would feel like if you could live your entire life the same way. All your moments like this one.

Okay, maybe not all moments, but say at least half of them. Like the moments of utter calm.

Utter peace. No ruckus.

Like truly lived.

Like everything you could ever ask for.
Like love.
Like rain.
Like music. Like dance.
Like writing. Like playing. Like reading.
Like watching a movie.
Like kissing. Like dreaming.
Like holding their face in your hands.
Like holding. Like hugging.
Like brushing the hair off their foreheads.
Like bungee jumping. Like skydiving. Like swimming.
Like heartbreak.
Like crying over a lost pet. Like losing the yearbook.
Like getting furious over a spoiled old photo. Like sulking over breaking your favorite mug.
Like sipping your coffee too hot.
Like gulping your drink too fast.
Like a fish bone stuck in your throat.
Like a song stuck in our head.
Like laughter.
Like tears.
Like love.

How would that feel?

If we could truly savor each moment. If we could just be.

No rush. No running from pillar to post. No chasing tails.

Simply soaking in the present.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Just being. In the now.